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In light of current events, we as a catering company have lost our business for the forseeable future.

Rather than sitting on our behinds watching Netflix and worrying ourselves we have decided to set up a Mobile Community shop.

We are in a lucky postion to have the countries largest food supplier at our demand with 6 day deliveries to our business.

At the moment they are running at full capacity and have everything ready to be delivered.

We are providing this service to help our local community with deliveries to the elderly, vulnerable and rural areas.

We are not providing this service to make lots of money and will be keeping the costs as close to cost as we can with a small delivery fee to keep our vans full of fuel and our staff in a job!

In times like these we all need to come together and support each other anyway we can.

If you, your family or anyone you know is in need of our services then please give us a call or drop us an email.

This service has been set up on 18th March and we are looking to be up and running by 23rd March to help where we can.

We are not limiting numbers at the moment and will do everything in our power to help those in the most need.